Cults "To the Ghosts" Pinkurple Vinyl - SIGNED ZOETROPE Slipmat - D2C EXCLUSIVE


Ships on: July 26, 2024

Pressed on D2C-exclusive Pinkurple Vinyl. The package includes a gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve, and limited-edition SIGNED Zoetrope turntable slipmat.
Cults sound like the moment dawn breaks. Akin to light piercing a dark corner, the multi-platinum breakout New York duo temper shadowy cinematic soundscapes with flickering melodic singalongs.
To the Ghosts, their 5th LP, crystalizes this sonic texture. Featuring the singles "Onions", "Left My Keys", "Crybaby", and "Hung The Moon".
01. Crybaby
02. Left My Keys
03. Onions
04. Crystal
05. Leave Home
06. Eat It Cold
07. Honey
08. Knots
09. Behave
10. Open Water
11. Cells
12. You’re In Love With Yourself
13. Hung The Moon

NOTE - like all Zoetrope, the effect is best conveyed under bright light via 30 FPS video on your phone's camera.